Do you have a purpose in your life?

This is not my story. This is our story. Do you realize what the motive of your life is? The most important question that we should ask ourselves, was my day fulfilling? Do I have a purpose of getting up in the morning. Most of the people have realized it and have thought about it, but did they actually do something about it? No. We are leading a mediocre and comfortable life. No dream risks, no tensions , no anxieties. Your life will be like this only everyday, if you do not take risks and have a passion or dream. Don’t worry if the dream is small or big, worry about having one and chase it to the fullest.

We often think of things which we want to do, or the people who you want to be, but do you really work hard and try to achieve it? There are people who have dreams and at least try to achieve it, and there are people who have dreams but sit and complain why it is not happening. Everyone wants to be happy in their life, everyone wants to earn lots of money, but the point is are getting satisfaction from what you do everyday. Get up in the morning and ask yourself, what is the purpose of your life and does your work give you the satisfaction of living your life. Living a life without passion and without a goal is meaningless. Go out, dream, work, achieve it, find your ultimate satisfaction. Find our goal, your passion and think if your doing anything in that path in your everyday schedule. If not, you are not leading a meaningful life.

Confused? Everyone is. But , think what is the one thing that gives you the kick in your life. The one thing that describes you, that makes you different from others. Innovation doesn't happen if everybody things in similar manner, someone should go in a different direction than the other sheep's in the herd. Become the person you want to be, not what situation makes you to be. Take risks , conquer the fear inside you and plan your life. The most important thing, planning. It doesn't mean that you should lead a mechanical life, it means you should be focused and ready to handle any circumstances.

The main points to take from here is :

  • Focus
  • Plan
  • Purpose
  • Satisfaction
  • Dream

Unfold yourself and dig for the purpose of your life coz everybody has one.