I Don’t Play Love Games

Some Feelings are meant to be true..

Well I see the whole world around me following a set of rules, Do this , Don’t do that , Make it work like that, That’s not how you woo a guy.. or Dude!! Don’t go after her , you will look dumb .. DUH!!

Well, who are this people who has set up this rules?? Are they more experienced in love ? Or they have a connection from the heaven telling them the secret lists of DO’s & DONT’s ?

Well I believe , If I love someone I will be my true-self with that person and not pretend to be someone else. I wont follow those rules because they suffocate me , I am a free spirit and my love will be a part of my own feelings and not a part of stupid society rules.

I am sure that my better half will appreciate it as well, since he will be there to see the real me and not a girl with a mask. I feel he will thank me for being myself , so will I.. Cause love is not a game ..


We are not players..

Thankyou Love !!