Points to consider while buying wallpapers

Since 16th century, wallpapers are used in homes to enhance the beauty of living spaces and are still serving as a great way to add character to the room. Wallpapers are provided in the market in a variety of colors, textures, material options and styles. They can add liveliness and character to any space. No matter whether you want to brighten up a kid’s room or provide aesthetic look to your drawing room, you can make it possible with wallpapers. In this article, we will discuss about the things we should consider while buying wallpapers online or offline.

Determine the amount of wallpaper you’ll need to decorate a room.

• Measure the height and length of each wall from floor to ceiling with the help of a measuring tape. 
• If the walls in your home are square, add the lengths of each of the wall together and multiply it with the height to find out the total area.
• Before buying, read carefully the total area each roll of wallpaper and divide it with the area of your room. This way, you will be able to determine how many rolls you should purchase for your room wall. 
• While fixing wallpaper, you will come across a common problem i.e. shortage of wallpaper because you need them to match with the patterns on the wall. Therefore buy extra.

Selection of right kind of texture:

Wallpapers are provided in a number of materials, featuring lots of different patterns and styles. Some of them are difficult to hang while others are easy. Buy wallpaper according to the job at hand and look of the room.

• Vinyl wallpaper: is one of the most popular varieties of wallpaper available in the market. They are very easy to hang as well as remove. Canvas-backed vinyl paper can even withstand moisture and hence are perfect for bathrooms, basements and kitchens. They can be fixed easily with adhesive. 
• Embossed wallpaper: Because of being textured and patterned, this wallpaper is considered ideal for hiding the imperfections in walls. It is very easy to paint over and fix with adhesive. It can work last for years. 
• Textile-based wallpapers: are very difficult to hang, because they can be fixed only with clear adhesive paste. Their process of hanging is very time-consuming. But here you get the total control over the final product. 
• Flocked textile wallpaper: have raised patterns because of which they display a professional effect. However, they are very difficult to clean.

Selection of pattern for the room:

Patterned wallpaper can add character of any space and provide a unique theme for your room. If you want to buy wall wallpapers online or offline with a distinctive pattern, ensure that you have a match -up the pattern. This will make your room appear great.

• For tall skinny room, use horizontal wallpaper. It will make your room appear bigger and cozier. 
• For low ceiling room, use vertical pattern wallpaper. It will make your room look taller.

Buying of wall wallpapers online is easy and time saving. So, if you have a scarcity of try online sites.

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