Some Essential Cleaning Supplies For Your Home

Namrata Sharma
3 min readMar 15, 2016


When it comes to keeping your home spotless and free of germs, buying of right cleaning supplies becomes essential. Right cleaning supplies not only help in maintaining the hygiene of your home but also make your cleaning operation easy. If you have no idea of what type of cleaning supplies you should buy for your home, this article will help in making the right decision.

Whether you want to buy mops or accessories online or offline or a vacuum cleaner, first of all find out do you really require it and if yes why. You can begin this by making list of the various areas of your home and which cleaning supply will suit them. For example: Floors, kitchen, bathroom, curtains, and windows forms different areas of the home and all these places require different cleaning items if you want them to look good and new. For window you will need glass cleaner and for toilet you need a powdered cleaner and so on.

As per the requirement of different areas of the home, make a comprehensive list of the cleaning supplies. Your list will most probably have these items of cleaning supplies.

Feather duster: to clear cobwebs and dust. Don’t get duped by unscrupulous suppliers who claim that their products can remove the dust. Buying them will be the waste of money.

Window washer: These products are ideal for homes and offices that have glass partitions. Imagine a home or office with dirty windows, it won’t leave a good impression on your guests. Windows washer help in enhancing the look of your home or office space by keeping your windows spotless and sparkling.

All-purpose cleaners: every home requires these cleaners. All-purpose cleaners can be used for number of surfaces and possess capacity to remove mildew and scum in bathing areas.

Mops and Accessories: These are must for every home. Mops helps in removing the dust from the floor and keep it clean.

Vacuum: If you have done carpeting in your home and want to keep it clean, vacuum cleaners are required. Moreover, in the places where floor are cleaned more often than once or where there is constant trekking of visitors, vacuum can help a lot in maintaining the hygiene and keeping the floor clean.

Dusters and rags: These items are used to wipe the desks and cabinets. Available at highly economic prices, duster and rags comes among some of those things without which you can-not clean your home and office properly. It has often been observed at if you don’t pay much attention, dust settle on the various artifacts and decorative pieces on your home. Duster and rags helps in cleaning this dust and keeping your important artifacts clean.

Cleaning sprays: these products are used to keep your technological items like computers, Television clean. Most of the cleaning sprays that are made for technological equipment’s come with their own microfiber clothes.

The first thing that will come to your mind when you decide to buy bulk cleaning supplies is which supplier you should consider. If you have previous experience of buying from a warehouse supplier and trust him with our requirements, go for him. But if you are total novice in this work, best mode to search for a trustworthy supplier is online. There are huge number of cleaning products suppliers from whom you can buy mops and accessories online and many more such things. But before ordering online make sure you have complete idea of the product you are buying. Replacing later on can become difficult especially if you have selected a supplier from some other state.



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