Types of drilling machines and their features as well as applications

Namrata Sharma
Jul 2, 2016 · 3 min read

Drilling in to metals or wood surfaces is a tough job that requires a lot of time and efforts. Therefore, for these tough jobs, a special type of machine is used. This machine is called drill machine. Drill machine is powerful equipment that is used to drill the holes into harder surfaces which are impossible to do with manual force. These machines are used worldwide in construction industry and for various home repairing and improvement tasks because of their high efficiency and easy application. Nowadays, drilling machines are also available in automated formats. By using these machines, you can perform any work in a faster and easier way.

Contrary to what people think, drilling machines are used not only for making holes in the wall. They can be used for numerous other tasks as well such as reaming, counter sinking, spot facing, tapping and counter boring into the surfaces of metals. Drilling machine can perform these tasks in much faster way and less time than is required for manual processes. In commercial sector where drilling is required for bulk products, by utilizing heavy duty drilling machines, you can provide consistency in work as well as minimize the time required to complete the task.

If you are planning to buy drill machines and kits online or offline, first of all determine which type of drilling machine you need for your specific task. There are three different types of drilling machines available in the market. In this article, we will discuss about these machines in detail.

  1. Radial Drilling Machine: This is the type of machine in which drilling head is fitted on the radial arm. In a radial drilling machine, you can use numerous head and base plate of numerous dimensions and strengths. Therefore, it can be used for drilling the materials of different sizes. The redial arm in these machines can be rotated, raised as well as lowered to conduct various types of operations as is required by different sized materials. Radial drill machines provide optimum efficiency and hence are widely popular in the industrial sector. These machines are provided in different formats to the people. First is v belt driven high precision drilling machine and second is geared format.
  2. Pillar Drill Machine: Pillar drill machines are offered in sturdy and economical formats. You can add advanced technology features in these machines. Pillar drill machines are known for their higher efficiency and precision in the tasks.
  3. Drilling Cum Milling Machine: Drilling cum milling machines are the multi-functional devices. They can be used for both drilling and milling works. In work places where there is space constraints, these are machines are used because take small space and provide performance of both drilling and milling.

This article is written especially to educate the readers about various types of drilling machines and their roles in metal and wood jobs. After reading this, you will become able to buy drill machines and kits online that are right for the job.

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