When is it UX and when is it UI?

The destinction between UX and UI is truely one of the most blurry aspects of web and product design and one of the mostly discussed in the design community for those who wants to become a web and product designer.

To clarify that in a few meanings, UX is the end-to-end map of the user experience design process. Starting with Back-End Programming where all the developement of data base, modules and performance of technology behind the scens take place, to Front-End Progarmming involving HTML, CSS and all kinds of coding languages, Task Flow System Behavior and how the user experience starts and ends on a device’ screen, and of course Information Architecture. Now that is the “seemless” part of the UX. The visible part of UX involves Interface design, Layout, Navigation, Transitions, Feedback — to applying the Brand identity visuals, Content and language.

However, the UI on the other hand occupies only the later part of the UX Design process, which include the following: Interface, Layout, Navigation, Transitions, Feedback, the Brand Identity like Typography, Photography style, Color themes etc, to finally Content and Language.

And this is where things get hazy when the two blend together. When UX is a total process, UI on the otherhand is what the user sees and interacts with on a device’ screen regardless of what the technology behind the scene is doing to make the interaction happen and act upon a user’s request. To make things easier to comprehend; UI is just another layer on top of the UX, only at the very end of the UX process.

Till next time.

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