Learning is a Skill.

Today is day two of week 1 and trust me it is interesting. I can say I understood everything I needed to do in the fastest time possible. Day two was smoother than day 1. I woke up with a lot of ease and relaxity. No worry, No trouble.

I did my tasks very fast, i was also getting shocked. at around 1pm, when am I had done 99% of my tasks, I got a blocker. I thought it is easy, “I have moved this far and very fast so this is nothing.” I told myself. I cleared the blocker in my head buy not in my work. I can say realised i had to set up my game and work seriously on that.

I fixed it and I was happy. It taught me things like collaboration. Because I had to ask my teammates for help of which at first I thought I could handle that myself. Another thing is to fix a problem the moment you notice it. this even helps your brain to remember the cause of the blocker.

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