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Version 11 of angular is here and we’ve got some interesting updates to check out. In this short article I’ll walk you through the most significant new features you need to know about and point out why you may or may not want to update your project.

I’ll start with a warning, if you have not yet updated your version of angular cli to the latest v11, you may not be able to create new angular projects using ng new . To fix this simply run:

npm install -g @angular/cli@latest

This will get you running the latest version of angular cli and you should be able to create new projects just fine now, the issue seems to stem from the death of the default linting system in angular which I will talk about in a little bit. Now let’s talk features! …

GitHub CLI est GitHub sur la ligne de commande. Il apporte des demandes d’attraction, des problèmes et d’autres concepts GitHub au terminal à côté de l’endroit où vous travaillez déjà avec git et votre code. — GitHub

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GitHub CLI — aka gh est une nouvelle façon d’utiliser github dans la ligne de commande. Ce tutoriel est une courte lecture de 10 minutes si vous suivez le long, et vous guidera complètement sur la façon de commencer. Nous allons examiner comment installer, authentifier, cloner un repo, créer un nouveau repo, vérifier l’état, ajouter des fichiers, faire de nouveaux commits et enfin, pousser vos modifications à GitHub. Ce tutoriel vous permettra de bien vous mettre sur votre chemin à l’aide de ce nouvel outil, s’il vous plaît le partager avec l’un de vos amis qui sont nouveaux à git dans la ligne de commande. …

GitHub CLI is GitHub on the command line. It brings pull requests, issues, and other GitHub concepts to the terminal next to where you are already working with git and your code. — GitHub

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This tutorial is a short 10 minute read if you follow along, and will completely guide you on how to get started. We will look at how to install, authenticate, clone a repo, create a new repo, check status, add files, make new commits and finally, push your changes to GitHub. This tutorial will get you well on your way to using this new tool, please share it with any of your friends that are new to git in the command-line. …

On March 19th Unity Learn become freely available. Chances are, you heard of this, if not check out this guide on how to obtain your copy. In this guide I’ll walk you through all the essential steps you’ll need to benefit at all from this offer.

Why You Need To Be VERY Careful!

In the last year, Unity games have been downloaded more than 12 billion times. — Clive Downie, Unite 2017 Keynote

There is great competition in the game market, any game developer will tell you that this is a field that is generally associated with long crunch hours. For some reason, recently I see this pouring out into the game developer job market as well. These skills are so readily available that basically anyone can learn to make a game, which overflows the market and literally destroys industries. The only solution to this is to stop trying to use your skills to develop products that take up people’s time but rather solve real world problems and save lives — we need a lot of that nowadays. …

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Understanding Message Handlers-

This is the last portion before we move on to the lower-level transport layer and actually create a game server and client from scratch.

Creating The Handler Class

Now we shall proceed to create the class that will be in charge of handling notification messages from the server. Create a new class and put the following functionality in it.

Let me explain.

Now you needn’t forget to go back to the GameClient.cs and make sure to remove the function we created earlier and also unregistered from the callbacks. That update should leave the game client looking like this.

Now that we’ve learned how messages are handled on a higher level, you have a solid enough understanding to go on and actually look at building such a system from the ground up. …

Understanding Network Messages

Messages get sent via the network connection as an array of bytes. We can create classes and have variables inside them that we want to have delivered across the network but this means that these classes need to be converted in a certain way into an array of bytes that can actually be sent as packets over the network.

In this section I’ll walk you through how to create a compatible network object that can be shared across the network between the client and the server. …

Welcome to this complete guide to sending and receiving messages using Unity’s New Network Transport Layer.

In this short course I’ll show you everything you need to know to become quite comfortable sending and receiving messages across the internet.

With the new Transport Layer unity aims to solve or at least reduce the core problems network programmers face such as latency and packet loss. So this system is meant to be a more reliable and efficient solution for people looking to build modern connected games in Unity.

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New Network Transport Layer Main Features

Now who is this course for? This is for you if you’re looking to learn how to implement the new networking layer in a game you’re working on, or looking for a more long-term solution for networking your game and migrating from the older Unity API’s to this new one. …


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