Data-Driven Guide: Designing Expressive Information Graphics

Overview of the vector drawing tool in which Data-Driven Guides (cyan color) is implemented. On the left, you see a panel to put a data table. On the right, length guides are used to encode custom visuals with the data.

What is Data Driven Guides (DDG)?

Length and area guides. They can be used as a position guide as well.

Why We Developed Data-Driven Guides?

Excerpt from an online tutorial explaining how to measure a custom visual mark using a hand-crafted scale.

Use Case #1 Data-Driven Drawing

Interacting with Guides

Free manipulation with proportional lengths to preserve data integrity

Data-driven Drawing with DDG

Data sketching with the help of DDG
Composing multiple guides to construct a more complex visual structure
A flower chart created using DDG

Use Case #2 Retargeting Existing Artworks

Nigel Holmes’ Monstrous Costs chart drawn by hand in 1982
Retargeting the size of the teeth with data using DDG
Generating data labels
Reusing the monster chart through a simple copy and paste.

Use Case #3 Proofreading Existing Infographics

Original factory worker chart (left) and superimposed guides created using the same data (right)
Original balloon chart (left) and both length and area guides superimposed (right)

A Step Forward Towards New Visualization Design Tools

Dear Data by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec