Visualization Papers at CHI 2018

I attended CHI 2018, an international conference of Human-Computer Interaction, to present BubbleView. There were a lot of visualization papers this year. I collected the papers here for those who want to keep them up to date about visualization research happening at CHI. I categorized the papers by session names. I didn’t add my two cents here. Instead, I marked the papers I found interesting with 👍.

More info about the CHI 2018 conference :

(Overall Acceptance: 25.7%, 666 out of 2590 submissions)

Workshop: Data Visualization on Mobile Devices

As far as I know, there was only one workshop on visualization.

Paper Session: Creativity, Sketching & Animation

👍 🏆 Expressive Time Series Querying with Hand-Drawn Scale-Free Sketches

Paper Session: Storytelling and Presentation with Visualization

👍 Design Patterns for Data Comics

👍 Frames and Slants in Titles of Visualizations on Controversial Topics

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👍 Investigating the Effect of the Multiple Comparisons Problem in Visual Analysis

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👍 What’s the Difference?: Evaluating Variations of Multi-Series Bar Charts for Visual Comparison Tasks

Paper Session: understanding through Visualization 1

To Put That in Perspective: Generating Analogies that Make Numbers Easier to Understand

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🏅 Uncertainty Displays Using Quantile Dotplots or CDFs Improve Transit Decision-Making

Improving Comprehension of Measurements Using Concrete Re-expression Strategies

Paper Session: visualization Beyond the Desktop & visual Privacy

🏅When David Meets Goliath: Combining Smartwatches with a Large Vertical Display for Visual Data Exploration

Clusters, Trends, and Outliers: How Immersive Technologies Can Facilitate the Collaborative Analysis of Multidimensional Data

Paper Session: exploration through modelling and visualisation

👍 Beagle: Automated Extraction and Interpretation of Visualizations from the Web

👍 A Visual Interaction Framework for Dimensionality Reduction Based Data Exploration

Paper Session: Understanding through Visualization 2

T-Cal: Understanding Team Conversational Data with Calendar-based Visualization

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Augmenting Code with In Situ Visualizations to Aid Program Understanding

👍 The Effects of Adding Search Functionality to Interactive Visualizations on the Web

Uncertainty Visualization Influences how Humans Aggregate Discrepant Information

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Paper Session: Perception in Visualization 1

👍 Somewhere Over the Rainbow: An Empirical Assessment of Quantitative Colormaps

Graphical Perception of Continuous Quantitative Maps: the Effects of Spatial Frequency and Colormap Design

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Value-Suppressing Uncertainty Palettes

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Animated Edge Textures in Node-Link Diagrams: a Design Space and Initial Evaluation

Paper Session: Designing and Creating Visualizations

👍 InfoNice: Easy Creation of Information Graphics

👍🏅 DataInk: Direct and Creative Data-Oriented Drawing


👍 🏆 Data Illustrator: Augmenting Vector Design Tools with Lazy Data Binding for Expressive Visualization Authoring

Considering Agency and Data Granularity in the Design of Visualization Tools

Paper Session: Perception in Visualization 2

Using Animation to Alleviate Overdraw in Multiclass Scatterplot Matrices

Paper Session: Visualization of Space and Shape

🏅 TopoText: Context-Preserving Text Data Exploration Across Multiple Spatial Scales

To Distort or Not to Distort: Distance Cartograms in the Wild

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HomeFinder Revisited: Finding Ideal Homes with Reachability-Centric Multi-Criteria Decision Making

TopicOnTiles: Tile-Based Spatio-Temporal Event Analytics via Exclusive Topic Modeling on Social Media

Paper Session: Programming 2

👍🏅 Exploration and Explanation in Computational notebooks

Paper Session: Methods & Measurement

👍 Self-Reflection and Personal Physicalization Construction

This a separate talk given at VisMTL