My Greatest Accomplishment This Week Was Breastfeeding My 3 Month Old Daughter

Yup. That is basically all I can say I have accomplished this week. Laundry untouched, dishes barely done, house lightly picked up in order to prevent tripping over my two year old sons toys.

I am a stay-at-home mom, who to some has probably chosen the difficult route when it comes to breastfeeding. I exclusively breastfeed in every sense of the word, meaning I do not pump. I therefore am a 24 hour, on demand breastfeeding machine. On most days I love this choice I’ve made, but on days like today, when my daughter is having a growth spurt, and it feels like I’m in a breastfeeding marathon, the love is not as great. I have to admit, the choice sort of fell in my lap, it was not something I even thought of as an option until my first child would absolutely not take a bottle. I tried and tried especially because at the time I had a full time job that I had to return to after three months of maternity leave. After a week of having to leave the office to go back home to feed him, then return to work, I realized two things. The first being that I missed my baby, and would rather be the one caring for him full time. The second was that being able to care for him full time meant I could probably ditch the pump, bottles, all the accessories that went with it, and feed him directly from the breast, therefore sparing myself a whole lot of stress wondering whether he would eventually get used to a bottle. An added benefit was not having to make time to pump, and not having pump parts and accessories to clean. I craved, what was in my opinion, the simpler way of breastfeeding. All that was needed was me.

Fast forward 2 years and my now 3 month old baby also refuses to take a bottle. This time at least there is no stress of having to leave her and go to work, but after several tries I’ve given up on bottle feeding, and have even given out my glass bottles to a new mother who will probably get more use out of it.

So as I sit here typing and breastfeeding, I am tired, but I’m more so feeling fulfilled and accomplished because though my house is a mess, I’m fulfilling my God given purpose of nourishing my child in the most natural way possible. So, to all you stay-at-home breastfeeding moms feeling as though the day escapes you, I want to tell you three things:

  1. Spending your day breastfeeding is a great accomplishment. PERIOD.
  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you have been given the ability to nourish your child with “liquid gold”, do so proudly.
  3. Don’t let anyone make you feel like what you do for your family and kids is not enough.