(Must Have) Applications that You Need in Order to Survive Jakarta!

Living in Jakarta is not hard as I may say. Even though not all of the citizens who live in Jakarta is capable talking in english fluently, but there are few mobile apps that amazingly can guide you (especially foreigner) to live in Jakarta:

  1. Gojek
    This all in apps can almost fulfill all of your daily needs just by accessing this apps. Service they offer including ride by motorbike and car, sending your package, order and get your food delivered, ask to clean your place, book movie ticket, and even can come to your place to massage and beautify your self! The usage of this apps I think is relatively easy because the language of instruction is in english and the payment method can be using cash or topped up by several bank partners. Beside of Gojek, there are two others who offer relatively same service but not as complete as gojek, which is Grab and Uber. Right now, I think Gojek is only serving on big cities in Indonesia. Haven’t cover all the cities, but it will I think.

2. Zomato
Second apps is Zomato. Unlike Go-Jek which originally created by local people, Zomato is available on many countries. In Zomato you are able to search inspiration for food, it can be for lunch, dinner, breakfast, or specific cuisine you want to taste. You can also specify your interest by area, price, ambients, etc. Zomato is quite useful, even though you are not foreigner. Sometimes you don’t have any idea on which place you want to visit, or you want to visit some new places. Then Zomato is right app for you.

For you who want to experience living as Jakartans which means by then is using public transport to commute, should download TRAFI. This amazing apps can guide you to choose specific transportation option from ride hailing/online transport sharing, bus, train, and else. They suggest few alternatives to offer so you can pick it yourself which one you think suits you.

To find suitable place to live for certain period of times (be it 2 weeks, one month or more), you can find it through MAMIKOS. Unfortunately this apps only available in Indonesia Language so maybe for foreigner you may found it difficult for using this apps. The name, “MAMIKOS”means mother of kos, because kos/dormitory in Indonesia usually owned by a mother. 
On this apps you can looking for specific place to live, you can set the price, facility, location, etc according to what you want.

5. Traveloka
Traveloka can accommodate your leisure needs by assisting you to purchase travel tickets (train and airplane), hotel, recreation places, and else. Even though you don’t have any idea where you should go, you can gain insight through Traveloka apps because they sometime offer on bundle, flight ticket and hotel. Foreigners can access this apps easily because their language can be changed into english.

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