Global Startup Creators Vol.4

We will make a Global Startup creators’ community to Connect Japan and San Francisco.

※The second Saturday and fourth Saturday of each month 11:00–12:30 in Japan.

If you are planning to visit San Francisco and Tokyo or love technology, please join us!

Anyone Including Software Engineers, Designers, Marketers, or international students. Please refer to the information below for study meetings.

Every month we have an UnConference with Lean Startup Circle members sharing their knowledge in open spaces. Sessions are presented by members of the community and there is no set schedule or agenda. The following schedule below will be our first meeting session. please join us!

Creators Seminar Vol. 4

breadwallet dev technology


San Francisco
September 23,19:00–20:30

September 24,11:00–13:30


Aaron Voisine/breadwallet Founder (Engineer)


Session Design



Startup Engineers, Designers, Marketers


Free of charge

Global Schedule Infomation

San Francisco,CA
September 23, 7PM in 1880 Turk st,San Francisco

September 24,11AM in hiveshibuya

Facilitator Introduction

Aaron Voisine
breadwallet Founder (Engineer)

Aaron is co-founder and CEO of breadwallet. Previously, Aaron led mobile app development at Yammer and Banjo. Aaron was co-founder of Lightt, a popular social video sharing app, which was sold in 2014. Throughout his career, Aaron has held a variety of software development positions at prominent Silicon Valley mobile app and web startups. He has a strong focus on consumer applications designed with the utmost care for simple and intuitive user experiences.

Who are the Global Startup Creators Management team?
(please join us team!!)

— — Team San Francisco — —

(Origninate at San Francisco)

Nanae Uchida 
 Spocial Founder & CEO

Joined East Ventures in 2015 and ever since she has been deeply involved in the San Francisco startup scene. In 2016, Nanae founded Spocial inc to connect people in sports field and software creators. She believes that the connection Spocial provides would inspire each other and bring them up to the next level.

and Other Member

— — Team Japan — —

Takuya Tejima
Indie Co-Founder & CTO

Having worked at IBM Software Development Laboratory for 5 years, he has involved in developing search and text analyzing software products in IBM Watson team. Later, he joined LINE as a front-end engineer for 2 years, developing LINE app platforms such as LINE Official Account and Line Manga services. Graduated from Keio University, Graudate School of Science and Technology.

Haruki Sato
LINE Software Engineer

I am a software engineer working on several type of web applications and the server-side for mobile applications.

Also recently I am trying to explore the area of DevOps to enhance the development teams and maximize the output of software development.These days, Java is my first (programing) language, and I have used C++, HTML, JavaScript, etc. for past projects.
For server-side applications, I also have some experiences using database software or tools/middleware including Spring Framework, MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Grafana, Armeria, Ansible, etc.
In addition to those experiences, I am interested in some general technical topics e.g. Type Theory, Scalable systems, Distributed systems, educations for engineers (and also for any people), etc.

Justin Clune
HouseCare Founder & CEO

Moved to Tokyo in 2011 to join a renowned solar energy research laboratory. He worked in two Japanese startups, became an engineer at CyberAgent, then became co-founder and CEO of HouseCare in 2014. HouseCare is a marketplace that automates vacation rental cleaning, with same-day booking available. He graduated from the University of Tokyo and UC Berkeley.

Hiroyuki Vincent Yamazaki
Indie Software Engineer 

Studying Computer Science at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Hiroyuki is currently conducting research in machine learning at Keio University as a part of a double degree program. Previous intern at Ericsson in the Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment.

Tomo Tsubota
BCG Digital Ventures Experience

Having worked at Livedoor Director for 4year, He joined DeNA General Manager 5 year,he challenging position in the design sector where my extensive experience can be utilized. Versatile experience and specialization: service launch promotion, UX designing, direction tasks over all,then worked at BCG Digital Ventures Experience Designer.

Global Startup Creators Offical facebook

Creators seminar History

September 10,2016 in San Francisco

Creators seminar Vol.3.5
Test demostration.

San Francisco,CA→Tokyo,Japan

August 27,2016 in Japan

Creators seminar Vol.3 
Global Teamwork(Google and LINE)

Haruki Sato / LINE Software Engineer

August 13,2016 in Japan

Creators seminar Vol.2 
Applying artistic styles to images like Prisma.

Hiroyuki Vincent Yamazaki /Indie Software Engineer

July 21,2016 in Japan

Creators seminar Vol.1 
Introduction of the latest high-growth Silicon Valley Startups.

Justin Clune / HouseCare Founder & CEO