I often observe people at wine meetings.

Women and men. They all drink. They show their emotions. They talk. They feel pleasure and have fun. They smile. Regardless their sex. Cause a wine has no sex. No Her. No Him. Just It. Wine.

It doesn’t matter whether a glass is held by a woman or man. The wine inside the glass is the same. The difference is in our mind, memories and experiences. Where did we travel? What did we see? What did we touch and smell? What have we got in our “brain drawer”? What helps us to identify this particular glass of wine? What do we recognize now?

Of course, to recognize anything we should have some stuff in our “drawer”. And this is the real difference between one person and another — how many treasures and “files” they’ve got in their “brain folders”.

Other things don’t matter at all.

Originally published at on July 18, 2017.

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