Being A Working-Class World Changer
Joe Brewer

I’m in a similar situation than you, despite that I live in Argentina and I didn’t finish my degree yet. Living in latin america, studying social studies, and at the same time, reaching goals as having a job or even being in the university (in a country where only a small percentage achieves the title) it’s like an honor and a huge pressure at the same time, because I want to do something to change the world but at the same time I know that I’ll be always limited, because we are all limited by the 0.01%, and when you live in a third world country you feel it everyday.

Also, it’s quite shocking that the argentinian academia is not concern as they had to be about Panama Papers. Our president it’s on the ¨shame list¨ and nobody’s talking about that. The media is in the hands of the same 0.01% that want us quiet and obeying.