Bedded Down

From the comfort of my bed—
Codi, get off!
My blue-spotted dog snuggles, struggles to push against me,
my husband, my space.

And I think about the angst, the animals, sheltered away from humanity,(from love) must feel.

Cold winters, stopped only by steel walls, cement floors,
an occasional towel on the floor, forcing many to cuddle with others—kinships off the cuff, to survive the lonely nights.
Coveting each other for want of security, warmth.

My three dogs, 
Codi on my bed, and I wonder, 
those dogs that fight, kenneled separately, alone, do they dream of having another?
Would they relent for warmth from “the enemy?”
Could they sleep in my bed other dogs surrounding, from the floor?

Codi, come here, I need to keep you warm.

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