The Human Parts Open Thread: Letter to a Stranger
Human Parts

Dear Madam in big blue coat,

I don’t even know your name. For four years, every morning you were crossing the street to the seafront, wearing a big blue coat, while i was waiting for the school bus. You just sat there staring at the sea. Everyone believed that you were a crazy old woman who lived alone. I never talk to you or even walk near you, until that day. When you were sitting ,as usual, watching the crashing waves and suddenly a piece of paper flew out of your lap. I still don’t know what hits me back then, but i run so fast to catch your paper.

The only thing you ever said to me was when i gave you that paper

“ I send letters to my husband, he always love to read my letters” you said. I didn’t ask you how he gone away? or how long has he passed?

It was your tearful eyes that seal my lips. It was the way that you held your coat to your nose and inhaled so deeply that made my thoughts train stopped. Maybe that coat was for you husband, I don’t know.

You looked pale, lonely, and broken. I wish that i have said something to you. Anything that may solaced your aching soul.

Keep sending those letters Madam if that could warm your longing heart. Sometimes it is okay to never let go ..


The girl who saved one of your letters

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