Her story in few lines

by: Dan Lansley

Like a trash can
on the side of the road,
her life has thrown away.

With tough hands
ordered by a reckless mind,
her soul has pushed
till it begins to fray.

She hears the cars passing by
But who would care
for what’s under the clay.

She prayed for days
of someone to lend a helping hand
to bring her back on the road.
But again no one care
for what’s not so broad.

In Her Dark Nights
She prayed again ..
for some sand to cover her can.
Just for a storm
to came without any plan.

She told me:
I wanna be hidden so deep,
so maybe i would stop to blame
for the wasted dark life
for i never have lit up a flame.

I wrote this piece about a woman i met a long time ago. She set down and told me her story. She talked for hour, and i could not help it but listening. So here is what i can pour into words ..

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