COINTRADING LTD is a UK registered company, the number 12711208, which offers investment services. The activity of this company is aimed at the cryptocurrency trading and providing investment services worldwide.

How long do you plan to offer online investment services?

We plan to offer our online investment services for…


These 4 Facts Show How ‘Boring’ Bitcoin Is Crushing the Stock Market

(November 16, 2019 BTC Alerts)

These 4 Facts Show How ‘Boring’ Bitcoin Is Crushing the Stock Market

Analytics company Blockforce Capital published the October edition of its in-depth crypto markets overview on Nov. 11. Packed with…

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CasinoFair review

CasinoFair was established just last year in 2018 and is known as the first brand to

go live using FunFair’s revolutionary blockchain-powered technology. This is quite a

significant step to take in the online gaming world and so far, it looks like things

are working in their favour…

FunFair Wallet - Review

The multi-compatible wallet and updated user interface to be introduced to CasinoFair and CryptoCasino brands.

"25th September 2019, Dublin"

The decentralized blockchain casino, FunFair Technologies, has announced that it will be introducing to its partner brands a new crypto wallet as well as an upgraded interface…

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