Is Social Media the INTERNET …

Have you realized that all the social media platforms coming up now are for entertainment use. It is as though we live in an entertainment world. Is that all the internet can be used for.

I might not write the best of English but you think about it.

Society and developers are forcing entrepreneurs and business to use social media which is designed for amusement as business tools.

Ask yourself what is the convention rate for sellers and how many of the users of these platforms respond to the things being exposed to them and do they really understand them .

The early adopters have influenced the late ones hence people including business and entrepreneurs jump on it so fast that some of them don’t even read terms and conditions when accepting the usage agreement.

You can combine Traditional way of Doing business with New Digital … Having a Website is not the solution to solving the problem of your products and services.

Uploading your works on social media is not the solution alone.

If you do the Math, Social media does not entirely translate into revenue for your information there is no ROI (Return on Investment) on social media hence your social media manager can hardly give you reports on returns on investment for buying digital media.

There is a reason why a lot of social media platforms are designed to entertained us rather than aid us sell because whether you like it or YES, there are people in Ghana who will never know about Facebook till they die but could be the HVCs (high Value Customers) of your products and services (depending on what you selling).

I cry every day when people mistake the INTERNET to be Social media. Ther is more to do than just upload pictures, share video content and post nude photos.

Look at it this way, so what if there was no social media platform, will there be internet, (YES) so then what is missing.

I have the ideas ….