Meet the New Designer, When I was a child I had a dream of becoming one of the biggest designers in the World. I wanted to design my own world. The idea looked so huge to me, such that I did not know how to start.

A little boy who could not draw, nor paint wanted to be a designer, how was that going to be possible?

My favorite subject in Junior High School was ‘Pre-Technical skills’ (that had to do with architecture) but I could not get a single straight line correct with my T-square, and Drawing Board.

The desire to be a designer was so much that, I had to find a way around this drawing problem.

Most often people who can draw, either with pen, pencil or any digital drawing apps is called a designer but I wanted to change that perception.

I wanted to be the first Black young man who will be called a designer but could not paint or draw; the big question; how was I going to do that?

I came up with the idea of designing the world with words.

I decided to craftily use my art of writing to design everything and anything, I want from houses, cars, clothes, movies, music, etc.

I have not earned the title, DESIGNER yet, because the world is still uncovering many new ways of doing things, and I know the day they will discover that words can also be used to design, I am sure to be mentioned.

My name is Nana Yaw Wiredu, a young Internet entrepreneur who hopes to build an online empire of services that will aid people.

The dream is to assemble over 10, 000 young African thinkers and build the CLOUD called ‘THINKERS BAG CLOUD’.

We will change the world’s perception about Africa and become so big like the cloud.

My name is Nana Yaw Wiredu and Welcome to my MEDIUM.