Things I said 5 years ago are happening now.

The only medium where people can create more jobs for themselves is through the POWER of the INTERNET.

I might not make sense when i talk about my ideas, i can hardly explain myself and understand my self sometimes when i am talking about my dream, my passion my ideas because most often what i see is so huge breaking it down becomes a problem. (but I try)

I might not be the most creative Genius in the world but believe me, I have Ideas that can help our Showbiz, Creative space, blogging and Online biz create more Jobs for people using the power of Internet.

So much we can do when we have help, the Young Ghanaian graduate updates his / her Facebook page 20 times a day, likes a lot of posts, comments on friends posts and yet still cry i don’t have a JOB.

I have IDEAS, If only HELP will fall like Manner from Haven, we will take our NEW IDEAS AFRICA Campaign across the country and people will be amazed how easy it is to feed yourself from the internet.

People will not help you but rather they do every thing to pull you down so you don’t even move a muscle to try.

FUNNY …. the only thing that stops my ideas, my dreams are PEOPLE. I am part of the PEOPLE but if you listen carefully you will be able to understand my IDEAS … Every time I write things like this … People begin to be PEOPLE.

I am revising the books. Now it may not make sense but I am Definitely on the move. #RevisedEdition

Join us let us change the perception of People and help the Youth create more Jobs.