Relating to Red

Deep Blue with Red, acrylic on canvas, 36"x48",©NanciHersh

Red is used selectively in my work. Most of the paintings from my Koi Pond Series are bold, energetic and full of movement. Deep Blue with Red is unique in that is more like a snap shot, up close and personal with what is usually fleeting and evasive. Patches of red break up the sea of deep blues and grays to give form to the large shapes and move your eye through the painting as you find yourself immersed in the moment.

Red attracts attention which is why stop signs, brake lights, and many firetrucks are painted red. And, as soon as the holiday decorations marked down for sale, red is ubiquitous on store shelves in the United States, associated with love and Valentine’s Day.

Across the globe, red is the color most commonly found in flags and has different symbolism and meanings in different countries and culture.

Student work from the Mother African Union Church, WIlmington, Delaware.

In Africa, the color red has different meanings. It can mean death, vitality, power, or as in South Africa, mourning.

This painting by a student I am working with as Artist in Residence at the Mother African Union Church in Wilmington, explained she used red here to symbolize slavery and blood.

Pop up card for Chinese New Year 2016, Year of the Monkey

And in China, red symbolizes good luck, happiness and long life. This is the year of the Monkey and with that comes wishes for a very happy healthy and peaceful New Year to all my Chinese friends.