Capturing the Restoration

So you have been called into a job after a fire damaged a kitchen. The insurance company requests you to quote on the work to restore it. The homeowner, Alicia is devastated and anxious to be back in her home as soon as possible. After much discussion with Alicia it is decided that the same color scheme and cabinets are desired. You take numerous pictures and she provides the cabinet makers phone number and paperwork describing the style and color. Awesome this saves you a ton of time! You quickly get the quote pulled together and send with pictures to the insurance company.

Alicia’s kitchen after the fire

Within two days the insurance company lets you know you have gotten the job because of your quick response, thoroughness of the estimate with the pictures and your competitive bid.

Throughout the restoration you were able to keep a daily photo diary of the work being completed and quickly send a link to both Alicia and the insurance company of the progress you were making. Any changes or decisions that needed to be made were easily communicated through RenoByPhoto app. For example the type of taps that were available at the hardware store — you could send the selection with the prices and Alicia could respond during the day while she was still at work. This kept the project moving along quickly and she didn’t have to visit the store to look.

You were able to restore Alicia’s kitchen in record time, saving you time, the insurance company some money in labor, hotel costs and well documented reporting. But the bonus is that Alicia was extremely happy to be home again.

Alicia’s brand new kitchen