Where the Heck did I put that Photo?

Was it in April or May?

Your sitting across the kitchen table talking with a potential new client and she wants to convert a bath tub into a double walk-in shower. You have done this type of work 3 times in the last 6 months so you want to show her your pictures on your smartphone or tablet. Sounds easy enough but then trying to find them proves to be a challenge. Beads of sweat start to glisten off your head as you frantically scroll through an enormous amount of projects you have worked on. After what feels like an hour you find one but it wasn’t the perfect picture you were looking for. Ugghh

With RenobyPhoto the search tool allows you to select any number of tags you have assigned to a picture, like “Shower & Install” and up come the 6 pictures you had taken in the app. Then you highlight the best 3 or 4 pictures hit the “Show” button and voila up comes the slideshow for your potential new client. Now if she/he would like you to send those pictures to show their significant other, just hit “share” type in the person’s address and if you are connected they will get sent immediately or later when you are connected. No more looking for the pictures later, no delay in sending the email out. Your potential to close this sale has dramatically improved.

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