This is for every time we’ve walked into the office with a half-empty water bottle and walked out at the end of the day with it still shoved somewhere in our bag.

Because calendar reminders aren’t as fun: Keep this list of official guidelines by your desk and you’ll reach your recommended daily fluid intake in no time.

  • Take a swig for every e-mail that could have been answered with a quick Google search. (And every e-mail that in turn cannot be answered with a “Here, let me Google that for you.” At least not in the ironic way it deserves.)

In solidarity with all my non-techies. Some of these are harsh… but necessary.

1. Find a set of parents with whom to live, preferably for free. They don’t have to be the ones given to you at birth, in fact, try to look for parents that can also get you a job in your chosen field. Nothing says unconditional love like a little quid-pro-quo, right? Pro-tip: In the event that you are unable to find a suitable arrangement, many have substituted for a handful of roommates.

May 9th, 2019 — it’s happening y’all. The Bay Area is going all out for its 25th BTWD anniversary.

  1. First things first: if you don’t have a bike, too bad — you can still participate. With ever-increasing bikeshare options — including one currently offering a free month promotion — that excuse has met its end. We’ll see you there, OK?

2. If you do have a bikeget that thing ready to go well ahead of the Big Day. There’s nothing worse than waking up to a slightly flat tire and a pump nowhere in sight — or discovering your…

After 16 years at San Francisco’s Department of Environment, Tamar is moving on to her next adventure in life.

The first time I saw Tamar in action was at a training she gave our Environment Now team when we first started and were learning more about effective communication. I still remember the tips I learned that day, but more than that I remember feeling stunned by how refreshing her presentation had been: simple, direct, and engaging.

We know Tamar to be an exceptionally strong communicator, leading the School Ed. team that’s bringing Phoebe the Phoenix to students all over San Francisco and inspiring the next generation of environmentalists. …

Nancy Hernandez

just having fun

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