What happened when I went for a run in my I’M WITH HER shirt after the election
Elizabeth Licorish

I live in a red state, and I run. I have not had a lot of harassment while running. I have, however, in my lifetime, been harassed while merely walking and minding my own business, while sitting at bus stops, while putting gas in my car, and while driving with a bumper sticker that implied that I am not part of the dominant religious culture here. That time, three good white “Christian” males nearly ran me off the road. It was years ago, but it still pisses me off to think about it. Then a friend of mine who is gay was shot at because of the rainbow sticker on her car. I don’t put bumper stickers on my cars anymore. It’s just safer.

The most recent was last spring, when I was walking with three other middle-aged white chicks next to the road. We were carrying two boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts. Some guy slowed down and screamed “sluts!” at us. I never figured out if he meant that donuts were slutty, or that we must have done something slutty for the donuts, or what. Really, as you and I both know, this isn’t about the donuts, or who you voted for, or anything other than you daring to be female and in a public space.

I wish this were not part of the world I live in, and I truly wish that this was not still going on and affecting young women like you. I really had hoped, when I was young, that this would be better by now. I also wish that Trump hadn’t won, because I think the bad example he sets is going to set us back by emboldening the kind of guy who thinks he’s entitled to behave this way to any female he sees in public.

Be careful and be safe out there.

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