Pair programming is a great practice, but what happens when half your engineering team is in another country with a different time zone?

Over the years, I have found that when it comes to remote working with your team (and especially with pair programming), behavioural changes rather than technical changes are more effective in making a change to the session.

I’ve been part of a distributed team for two years where we work together with a 2–3 hour time difference and pair programming as a strong agile technique within our team. Now that many of our work processes have shifted online due to the COVID pandemic, here are some of the things I’ve found to be most important when pair programming remotely.

What is pair programming?

Pair programming is the practice of working on lines of code on the same computer with a fellow developer. Within the practice there’s a driver and a navigator. The driver modifies the code, while the navigator observes and suggests which code to implement, including spotting any mistakes. To get an optimal solution it’s best to switch the driver and navigator roles on a regular basis. …

Nancy Do

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