What Twitter’s Growth Problem Means for Educators
Daniel Rezac

Have you tried creating a community on Zello. Zello is social radio, much like Twitter for voice. It’s real-time voice communications. Using a Zello channel, you can have discussions with up to 2000 people at a time from anywhere in the world. Only one person can talk at a time and you know who is talking. All conversations are recorded on your device History (if set). It’s become very popular in coordinating large groups of people with common causes and interests. I think a national Education channel could be very useful. People can subscribe to the channel and can connect or disconnect at will. Conversations can be played back on your History if you are busy and can’t listen real-time. There are robust moderation tools and channel notifications to alert subscribers of upcoming events. Best of all, it’s free. Runs on any device, any carrier, via WiFi or data. Zello has 90+ Million users worldwide so it’s a proven platform.

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