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Enough of the hideous hangovers, nagging regrets and shame?

When is enough ~ enough?

You may be drinking for any number of reasons. If you are drinking like I did, I knew I should have said “enough” long before I did. Drinking was getting in my way. Internally mostly, but there was some outward evidence. My soul was dying and my hands were shaking.

Do you have to hit “rock bottom?”

Your drinking may have started innocently enough, but now you find yourself drinking more than you ever imagined, and even though you think you want to quit, you can’t seem to do anything to change it.

My guess is you’ve tried to control your drinking in the past. Switching from the hard stuff to beer or wine. Making promises to yourself in the morning, only to break them by the end of the day (or earlier). Or maybe you decide to “go on the wagon” after a particularly rough bender, and as soon as your memory of it fades away, you’re hitting it again until the next time you fuck things up. …

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The regret of wasted time…

Here are a few of the things I regret on my way to recovery:

The years wasted on feeling like shit from drinking. I regret wasting time getting wasted! My God, the hangovers. You know the ones that consist of a pounding headache, a queasy stomach and the shakes. I’m grateful that the further away I get from my last drink, the more faded the memory of those brutal hangovers are. I remember having them, but I can’t feel them any longer.

The regret of bad behavior…

I regret a lot of my behavior when I was drinking. There are a few memories, especially during my last drinking years, that have caused me a great deal of shame and regret, most of which will never be erased. Some of these memories have helped keep me sober for over ten years. I don’t want to forget the past, but I certainly don’t need to beat myself up with it either. …


Nancy McKay

My experience as a survivor is what attracts many of the women I work with. I feel privileged to help my clients conquer fear & start loving their life again.

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