What’s your story?

This week I’ve been thinking about how to tell the story of my business in a compelling way. More astute readers of this blog may have realised that I’m not a natural writer, I have The Fear when faced by a blank page or screen, and doing this blog drains what little mental writing energy I have… But nevertheless, this seems like something that successful startups are really good at, so I need to give it a go. Treat this blog as my first attempt, and be kind!

So the principle question that my business story needs to answer is the “why”, as in “Why this business, why me, why should anyone care?”. Thankfully that’s a pretty easy one to answer. I’ve been passionate about social justice and equality for about as long as I can remember, going right back to my school days at a co-ed boarding school, where the boys were allowed to stay out later than the girls. Which essentially meant everyone going to the pub together, and then 18 year old girls walking home alone at 10.00 while the burly rugby blokes (of which there were many many more) stayed out till 11. I mean, this doesn’t even make any sense, surely it would be safer for us all to walk home together? Or is the risk of a girl staying out until 11 deemed to be greater than the risk of a girl walking home alone? I’d love to see the data behind that assumption… I just can’t accept these types of inequalities, and this belief is probably one of the biggest constants of my life, from school days to the boardroom. Everything else about me may change but this always remains.

So, there you go, I care about how different demographics get treated differently, and why this is condoned by institutions, whether it be school, university, the medical profession (don’t get me started on that…), the workplace, wherever. That’s my why. Now I just have to find a compelling way to communicate it to others…

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