Too Many, Too Few

A granddaughter and some college friends are visiting the cabin this weekend. What do I cook? Will I make too much? Will it be enough? We are having a house tour this weekend. They will help be guides. I will have a college student from Fredonia and a few friends and a sister and a husband. Will I have enough helpers? Will we all stand around bored and embarrassed when no one comes? I have put some hats out for ‘selfies.’ Have I put out enough? Are there too many? Have I prepared enough? Have I gone over the top?

Baking is like that. I read the recipe. Knead till it is satiny. Do not over-knead. Mix till the butter is in little chunks. Don’t over-mix. A full day of doubt if it is bread, a couple of hours of doubt if it is a cake. Thirty minutes of doubt if it is biscuits. Too much? Not enough? Who knows?

Too many, too few? Will I run out of tickets for the house tour? I got 200. Surely that will be enough. Which is better, left over tickets or not enough?

I will print 200 more. If it is too many I will just throw out the rest. Stew for tonight — I will make enough so I can make a bizzilion pot pies. Tea. We will have tea for tour guides. In hats. A vignette. If we have too many tour guides. If we have way too many tour guides, maybe it won’t be tea in their cups.

Too many hats? Too many trips up and down from the hat closet? Call it exercise and you never can have too much of that. Too many people coming to the house tour? Come on, Nancy. How is that a problem? Too much in the scholarship fund? We can just make the scholarship bigger!

I have got it nailed. More hats. More tickets. More gloves. More stew. More tour guides. Just for one event I have put the familiar worry “too many, too few” to rest.

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