5 Ways to Handle Fools Who Don’t Understand Your Depression

You’ll never stop hearing unwanted advice, as long as there are people around you.

People don’t change. It’s nearly impossible to make them understand you. And your depression is not going away anytime soon.

What you can do is to act a little differently, and minimize the damage of harmful comments.

1. Relinquish All Expectations

The easiest thing you can do is not to have any expectations.

Give up on making people understand you, because they won’t. After all, they haven’t been depressed themselves.

Assume no one would ever understand you, and you’ll not be disappointed.

2. Parry Verbal Attacks With Canned Responses

When you have heard tons of inappropriate advice, you’ll probably notice a pattern. You can see them coming a mile away.

Using your experience, devise canned responses to retort unwanted remarks. This way, you can control the situation instead of getting hurt.

Use phrases like “Thanks.” “Thanks for the suggestion.” “I’ll try.”

Prepare short, polite responses aimed at ending the conversation or changing the topic.

If someone just won’t shut up, try ignoring their words and remain silent. They’ll usually get the hint.

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