REBAKED- The next step in the evolution of a community-based infrastructure

Cryptography is used to generate and control cryptocurrencies, which are digital currencies that are created and managed using advanced encryption techniques. With the creation of bitcoin for instance in 2009, cryptocurrency went from being a theoretical concept to reality. Some of the current restrictions and hindrances of cryptocurrencies include the fact that a computer can crash and might wipe out one’s digital fortune or that a virtual vault can be ransacked by a hacker and the owner would be left with little or nothing.

What to know about Rebaked?

ReBaked is built around three key elements: cooperation, value, and consistency uncertainty. Creatives as well as self-employed persons can auction and, if approved , sign an affiliate contract that guarantees the least possible payment and configuration funding based on performance metrics. Bonuses will be paid out by the sponsor for outstanding work done by the partnership, ensuring that everyone is compensated fairly for their efforts.

The ReBaked system is meant to allow businesses to develop teams by collaborating with freelancers rather than simply outsourcing activities or processes at the lowest possible cost. The above encourages collaboration and cooperation over ravelry while yet providing innovators with recourse to a wide pool of talent, allowing freelancers to focus entirely on their work with their whole energy.

Operational process for ReBaked

Have you ever thought of having a mind blowing business with funds ready to be established but yet not with the skills you desire to have in order to get the business idea fully up and running. There would be room for you to publicize this business you have and notify freelancers out there with different skills to put up their applications so that you can review them and be able to pick out persons who possess the skill you are looking for.

ReBaked creates a room to accommodate and hire freelancers on the lowest possible payment price and this payment to the freelancers is dependent on the level of effort put in by this individuals to ensure that the task required of them is carried to the best possible level . ReBaked gives the opportunity for everyone to win.

Staking in ReBake

Users that stake their tokens in our Guardian Bonds will be able to participate in the protocol’s governance and receive fees. Staking awards are only given out as a result of platform fees, not as a result of inflation.

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