Designing a New Look for Instagram, Inspired by the Community

I couldn’t care less about the new logo (although I agree with those who think it’s horrifically ugly). I’m not a fan of the simplification of colors, and do find that usernames and hashtags don’t pop as much. But it’s the functionality that is driving me bonkers. The instant the app updated it started crashing, freezing, hanging…I can’t even click on “more” captions without the app freezing. I can’t go a full day — a day! — without looking at my feed because if I have to scroll back too far, it crashes completely. (and I used to frequently go 2–3 days before catching up on my feed). When I scroll to the end and hit the “refresh” link to see more of my feed, I have to hit it about 7 times before it finally refreshes. Don’t think we can’t see the early experimentation with non-chronological feeds either…I’m getting random time stamps throughout my feed already. It’s like you’re forcing us to welcome the next update, which I assume will be the one that’s completely non-chronological, by making this update so goddamn buggy.

And YES I hate that I am this annoyed about something that ultimately is just a photo-sharing app!

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