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Only those who vote for these measures will be bound by them if they pass and they will be doing so voluntarily. The rest of us can continue to rely on the Heller decision. States can’t impose restrictions on the Second Amendment any more than they can impose them on any other amendment in the Bill of Rights.

Obama often suggest that “the internet” is part of the violence problem so this is a clear indication that they hope to allow some new restrictions on the First Amendment as well. In that case they will argue against state by state piecemeal legislation but they will try to restrict free speech nationwide.

And when they argue that “we should do what Australia did” they never tell you that Australia banned and confiscated nearly all guns, but that aspect is finding some exposure in the media. What isn’t is ever reported is the fact that those few in Australia who are allowed to store a gun in their home have to allow random, unannounced inspections of their homes by the police. They will try that here too if they keep getting away with their nickel and dime infringments of other rights. They are slowly greasing the slippery slope, no doubt about it.

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