Editorial: La Opinión endorses Jackie Goldberg

Jackie Goldberg
Apr 14, 2019 · 2 min read
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Jackie Goldberg is the former Chair of the California Committee on Education, Los Angeles City Councilwoman, and LAUSD School Board Member

LAUSD’s Board District 5 needs a leader with experience, strong values and knowledge to represent constiuents. Jackie Goldberg is just this leader.

Voters in Board District 5 have two very different choices: Heather Repenning and Jackie Goldberg. Both of them want to improve student outcomes in a District that is majority Latino, and that includes both very good schools and schools in need of improvement.

Repenning brings the perspective of a parent who has experience in local government. The perspective of parents is important. But Goldberg brings years of experience in education as a leader both on the LAUSD School Board and in Sacramento. The challenges that the LAUSD School Board faces require an experienced hand.

Goldberg better understands the issues that impact students. She supports dual immersion programs and understands how important reclassification is for English Learners. She has a better plan for engaging immigrant parents.

Her priority is to reduce class sizes so students can have the attention they need to learn. In order to accomplish this, the funds lost over years of spending cuts must be recovered and education must be prioritized at the state level.

Goldberg’s experience in Sacramento will help her press for the funding needed for the District to hire more teachers and staff needed to reduce class sizes.

Her defense of public education is unwavering. Despite this, she can see the possibility of working together with charter schools to bring more funds from Sacramento to LAUSD.

We appreciate the call both candidates make to increase the number of community schools in LAUSD. Recently, thirty of them were approved by the Board. We believe that schools can be perfect hubs for community activity, as long as student learning remains the priority.

Over time, Goldberg has shown time and again that she understands and cares about immigrants and the most vulnerable. Though the position to which she aspires to is limited to education, she knows that a child’s learning extends past the classroom. The socioeconomic context impacts a student’s ability to learn. Students need knowledge that goes beyond scoring well on tests.

For all these reasons, we believe Jackie Goldberg is the ideal person to represent LAUSD’s Board District 5. Vote for her on May 14th.

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