Listen, listening.

What makes listening a spiritual art?

When we hear the bellbirds in the trees we can feel that we are transported to a place of beauty. That place of beauty we can access is within ourselves, our imagination, our feeling and emotion, our spiritual core.

We physically hear, we register and accept the beauty we hear and it can become imbued within our beings so we understand beauty, simplicity, and purity. Pleasant sounds of nature or children laughing or powerful sounds of big waves crashing on the rocks or someone shouting all have an effect on our spirit, mind and body. It can be positive or it can be negative.

So it would seem the spiritual art of listening is in the body and mind's capacity to be connected to the soul and souls capacity to be connected to the body and the mind. The body and mind being connected to the soul as well as the outside world and the soul's capacity to be interwoven in our bodies and our minds. Our souls also are connected to our past present and our future.

We pick up things when we listen, things like intention, body language, kindness, aggravation, anger and danger, distrust, trust and love just to name a few. We are able to discern all these things physically and mentally.

The spiritual art of listening can allow our spiritual cells to grow. If we become inspired in a positive manner from hearing someone speak or begin to feel peace from the sounds in nature then something truly mysterious is happening. We are hearing more than just sounds, we are being active in our purpose in life. We can understand that we have the capacity to change for the better and to make a positive change in our own lives and the lives of others because we can feel something powerful when we listen.

Our soul can perceive the universe and its limitless functions. Spiritually we can hear the peace on a sunny day and the storm outside sounds of thunder but we feel safe and secure inside.

We can listen to one another and choose to give. The spiritual art of listening is like giving. We can give our time and attention to another person and we can give beauty, truth and goodness to our soul.