The Question Of Style In Abstract Painting

Cultivate Experimentation In Your Painting. Your Style Will Find You
Style Develops Over Time As You Experiment & Explore In Your Painting

The Question Of Style

One of the discussions that emerges in every course and workshop I’ve given is the question of style.

There’s much gnashing of teeth regarding style.

I think underneath the question of style are deeper questions.

What Are The Deeper Questions?

Questions like: What am I trying to express? Do I have anything to say? Am I any good? What am I doing? Do I have a voice? Does my voice matter? Why would anyone value what I create? Do I value myself? Do I matter? Is it too late? Do I have enough talent? Am I a real artist? Does anyone care?…blahblahblah…Ad infinitum :)

What are we really talking about here?

We’re talking about the inner landscape

We’re talking about your relationship to yourself. We’re talking about fear and all its permutations of self doubt, inner criticism, fear of judgment, and so forth.

Here’s something I wrote recently when the topic of style came up in The Artist’s Journey: 3 Secrets Of The Masters course:

Trust that you already have your own unique signature (marks, movements, gestures, energy, internal states, preferences, psychology). There’s no final endpoint here…style is continually evolving. I would say don’t try so hard to find it. Let go. Indeed, your style will find you.

Style comes through many iterations of searching and finding your way as you paint. It comes from trusting yourself. It comes from exploration and experimentation. It comes from painting what you love. It comes from being vulnerable and showing us YOU.

This is the kind of dialogue we have in the online course. If you want to go deeper in your work and get at the inner landscape that affects everything, I’d love to have you in there. You’ll get 4 weeks plus an entire year of access to take the course again and again as most of the artists are doing and loving it.

The Artist’s Journey course starts again January 9, 2017.

You can register HERE.

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P.S. I’d love to hear about your experience with this question of style.

Originally published at Nancy Hillis.