My BuJo Method Experiment Day 2 — Trackers

As I read parts of The Bullet Journal Method for the second and third times, I want to set up all kinds of Collections. Lists and schedules and trackers and more. The kinds of Collections that can be added to a bullet journal are endless.

Don’t believe me? Do a search on Pinterest for Bullet Journal Ideas. You’ll be there for days! So many wonderful, interesting, and pretty ideas.

I am loving this layout, and I want those alphabet stamps ( Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash)

I have mostly held back, though, because I want to solidify using the basics of the method first. I do have a Collection (a list) of movies to stream on that popular streaming platform. If I don’t write them down, I will forget.

The other thing I decided to add is tracking. I love some of the layouts I see for tracking. In my first bullet journal I had an ambitious tracking chart. I was tracking 12 behaviors that I was trying to initiate all at one time. At this moment I imagine you’re either laughing or nodding your head. You’ve been there, right?

Productivity experts, like Michael Hyatt, all say the same thing about changing our behavior. First, we can’t change but a few things at a time. Second, we need to have a strong why concerning the change we are trying to make.

Ryder Carroll talks a lot about the whys in our lives in The Bullet Journal Method. If there isn’t a good why for doing something, then let it go. There’s no reason to waste time on activities that don’t really matter or make a difference.

Keeping that in mind, I have a small tracker on my Monthly Log page. I am tracking four behaviors that are important for my emotional and physical health.

R=Rest, S=Stress Management, D=Vitamin D, E=Exercise

My little tracking chart on my Monthly Log page

Looking over the past week, I can easily see that I have not been resting enough, so I will pay more attention to that now. I will write it down as a task during AM Reflection time every morning for the next week and see if that helps me remember to take a short rest in the afternoons.

Are you tracking anything in your bullet journal? Do you have trackers that you started but didn’t stick with? I’d like to hear about your tracking experiences, so please comment below.

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