Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal

On 11th October 2013, my school friends and I set off to an exceptional journey! I was to complete my Gold International Youth Award Programme, and it required an adventurous journey, what can be more adventurous then Mount Everest itself!

Packed Bags at the Lukla Aiport

Here’s a tip, if you ever find yourself on Nepal’s domestic airport, take cards, water, food anything that will help pass time for at least 4 hours! Basically if the men say you can board-you board, theres no timing to these things, because its all based on the weather. And just to mess with us, the weather was exceptionally bipolar that day ☺.

Lukla Aiport, it is known as the world’s most dangerous airport! It’s because thier runway is downhill on a cliff, and so if the pilot makes a small mistake, pray to god that you stay alive! Anyways no matter how stressfull the whole journey was, the freaking views compensated for everything.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Lukla is the starting point, this is where we started to get small hints of the culture and religion.

On the left, this is a praying wheel, by turning them around (i think it was anticlockwise), it brings luck. True beauty of Nepal lay in the faith of thier people. They are the kindest and the most welcoming people I have ever met. Thats coming from a person thats lived in Bangkok all their life!

But after that trip, I decided that if I were to die, my last years would be spent in Nepal.

(Everyone thinks its crazy for me to already have my death location sorted out, but trust me once you go to nepal, its got you)

After making so many memories, it breaks my heart when you hear on the news that Nepal is suffering through two Earthquakes. From which the second one occured close to Namche Bazaar, this was the place that we stayed for 4 days on our trip. I made so many new friends and I really hope for the best of them and hope they get past this safely :D.

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