The Energy in No

Nancy Jackson
Aug 15 · 2 min read
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It takes energy to say no and find the peace and willpower to hold to it. But it takes far more energy to say yes when you mean no and do it anyways.

Often, in an effort to please others, we cost ourselves in energy, happiness, time, and health. What’s worse is when you place yourself in obligation purgatory. There’s nothing like spending time and energy doing something you never wanted to do in the first place to please someone else.

We have a right to say no to:
~anything that goes against our principles
~anyone who triggers our emotions
~unsupportive friends and family
~invitations when we’d rather enjoy inner peace
~putting ourselves first without worrying how someone else perceives it
~changing our minds
~not smile if it’s an expression that our feelings don’t support
~offers and not be made to feel bad about it
~time away without informing the world
~be who we are without permission

When you tune in and act on that, you take your power back. You raise your vibrations. The power of no is loving yourself enough to be 100% okay with honoring your personal needs and wants.

The outside world will always have opinions.
They have nothing to do with what’s best for you.
Only you know that.

Boost your energy and increase your frequency with just one word: No.

Have you placed yourself in a situation recently that made you sorry you’d said yes?

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