Build Your Cyber Security Skills To Stay Relevant In 2019

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May 10, 2019 · 4 min read

Learning new skills and enhancing your knowledge is the key for the growth of a career in any domain. Since Cybersecurity is one of those fields where new challenges keep rising on a regular basis, being a consistent learner is the only option which will help you to stay for long. So, if you are an IT professional dealing with cybersecurity, now is the time you should build or update your skills to stay relevant in this ever-changing domain.

When I talk about ‘updating the Skill’ I am not only suggesting to add on to your technical skill. As a professional, it is indeed important to enhance your technical skills. There are various certification courses available to help you to authenticate your knowledge and skillset. But certifications are just a display of your knowledge. There are other techniques and information which may be called as general awareness and soft skills that you need to learn. This will keep you ahead of global and trending threats. For updating such skills, you must be alert and aware. It is very challenging to keep yourself aware of the technological developments and other changes going on in the field of cybersecurity. Thus, it is important to develop a few habits which will help you to be aware of your professional surrounding. Let’s have a quick look at some of the ways for grooming and developing yourself for a brighter career.

Be aware of the latest developments

Unless you are aware of the developments or changes going on in your field, you won’t be able to improve yourself to fit into the job requirement. Cybersecurity cannot handle stale skills for long. To update yourself on a regular basis you might enroll to newsletters or dedicated platforms for cybersecurity-related information. Joining or creating a specific community on social media is also helpful.

Networking helps in the expansion of knowledge

You must attend workshops, seminars, and specialized training on a regular basis to level the gap in your skills or knowledge. Attending these is also a good opportunity for networking with the experts of their field. Staying connected with the different professionals of your domain always helps in betterment.

Improve your Soft Skills

Soft Skills are an important part of a pleasing personality. No matter how good you are at the technical end, if your presentation and communication skills are not impressive, it will be difficult for you to manage your career growth. Besides being a good speaker, it is also important to work on your ability to clearly articulate complex concepts. Not everyone working in an organization is good with the technical concept. As a cybersecurity professional, it is your duty to help the employees understand cybersecurity threats in layman’s term. Therefore, communication skills are very important for your job as well as for the growth of your career.

Technical Skills

Polishing your technical skill is, of course, an indomitable part of an ever shinning career. You must be observant at work when some senior professional is dealing with a critical issue. It is important to improve the skill or to learn a new one. Hands-on experiences are always helpful. But to add more weight to your knowledge, you must get through certification in cybersecurity. There are many options available and it is indeed difficult to make a decision to choose that one certification which you need. Here is a list of top rated cybersecurity certifications.

1. CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker ()

2. CISM: Certified Information Security Manager

3. CompTIA Security+

4. CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional

5. GSEC: GIAC Security Essentials

6. ECSA: EC-Council Certified Security Analyst

7. CCSP: Certified Cloud Security Professional

8. SSCP: Systems Security Certified Practitioner

9. CRISC: Certified in Risk and Information System Control

10. CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor

Certification Courses are a bit expensive but they are totally worth getting one. These certifications not only authenticate your knowledge and skill set in a particular domain but also make you the preferred choice of the organization. All the certifications are valid for a particular duration and it is important to get through recertification to stay updated in the field of cybersecurity. The curriculum of these certification courses is vendor-neutral, therefore, certification holders can work in multiple computing environments and need not worry about a particular technology. If you are looking to further explore the online cyber security certification, InfosecTrain can help you with your queries. At Infosectrain, it is made sure that the professionals get world-class quality training as per their preferred schedule. Online cybersecurity courses are also available. For more details please visit their official website.

Now is the time to update yourself and get ready to make your career shine in 2019.

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