Write Your Paper Like a Pro! Top 7 Editor’s Secrets!

Revising and editing are not the same things, yet they together form what we call proofreading. If you want to write a perfect essay, using cheap proofreading online services can be an utterly helpful way of doing it, yet not as effective as doing the proofreading yourself. However, doing proofreading is effective only when you know how to do it.

In order to help you do professional proofreading paragraphs, we are going to tell you some of the best tips and tricks from a professional editor to make your essay or paper look wonderful, no matter what. Take a look and find out!

How To Edit Papers Like Professionals

Want to make your essay look professional and be really effective at the same time? Follow the recommendations from professionals. Someone like Jessica Smock, a professional editor from Huffington Post, can give you some of the best tips for writing papers, like these:

1. Use Your Knowledge

A big part of editing and writing papers is using your knowledge not only on the subject but in writing. The more you use rhetorical and prose elements, the more likely you are to create better pieces of text, easier to read and much more interesting as well. When you write, one of the most important things is to be compelling and engaging, that’s what you need to take into account at all times.

2. Opinions & Facts

A good paper will always be separated in opinions and facts, sometimes uniting both to give a much better statement or thesis. Yet, don’t confuse them. Use your personal opinions and universal facts accordingly, but never try to confuse the reader by treating a fact like an opinion or worst, an opinion like a fact. When editing, fact-check everything to avoid making confusing or wrong statements.

3. Write Like Yourself

Be versatile in your writing, yet don’t allow yourself to write in a boring way. The more you write like yourself, the better for the paper, this way you can make sure your voice is in each word, making it more interesting and personal. However, don’t get into personal details, just stick to being engaging and compelling.

4. Be Explanative but Direct

A paper needs to be explanative as well as direct. Here Smock recommends to “Pretend you are using a video camera to focus in and out, slowing down the action, like a cinematographer, very purposefully to guide the reader toward what’s important in the piece.”

So, when making a point, use analysis, facts, and opinions, make sure the reader understands completely and efficiently. Always make your edition according to how it reads, and how engaging it can be.

5. More Specific and Less General

Papers need to be about a specific subject more than a general one. Writing about a general subject can take a lot of time and effort, sometimes being immensely difficult. So, when you are editing, make sure your paper looks more specific than general, that each point is made according to a specific idea, making it easier to understand. A general idea can be hard and overwhelming, especially when you also use a general subject. Stick to more specifications and avoid confusing papers.

6. Avoid Literary Devices

Essays are academic pieces of text, the more you avoid being metaphorical and poetical, the better. Even when you are writing about poetry or writing about literature, avoid these types of literary devices as much as possible. They may eventually make your paper look better and more interesting, but they are totally unnecessary when it comes to effectiveness and being direct. We recommend sticking to good word combinations, great lines, good long and short sentences and a powerful use of descriptive and explanative writing. The rest is unnecessary.

7. Revising & Editing

Learn the difference between these both. Then, apply them accordingly. According to Smock, “Revision means “to look again.” You do things like: make sure that your theme and purpose for writing are clear; try out different leads (ways to begin the piece); rethink your conclusion; change the organization.”

On the other hand, she refers to edition as “a separate stage, we do things like catch run-on sentences, fix errors in punctuation or spelling, or replace overused words and expressions.”

Looking for Proofreading Sentences Help?

As you see, following great advice is always important, but no matter how many tips and tricks you follow, you always need the practice to do it effectively. So, what about looking for some cheap proofreading online services in order to make your paper look better?

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