Have some Cheese Tart?

Where can you find the best cheese tart in the world?!

Believe it or not, it’s here in Japan, lucky me :)

Bake, a company I am recently working with. The first generation started the most exquisite pastry store ever. They are from Hokkaido, and now after 200 years, they are selling globally.

trust me, it is worth coming to japan for this tiny cheese tart

Not writing to introduce food journey, but to tell a story behind this family.

After the success of first generation, the son of this family decided to come home and working on what his father started after spending time outside of Japan. The CEO did not copy or work on what has passed on, but to innovate.

As I mentioned in previous article,

change is needed in Japan

Here is what he presented. http://www.bake-jp.com/ A tech startup.

With new innovation, they come up with a tech team working on some new product line and services for Bake, combining what their strengths are and adding new elements. With their Pictcake, https://www.pictcake.jp/ (only in Japanese right now) you can order a customized cake or any other pastries. It is all going to be self designed and manufactured inhouse by Bake.

With one product for now, and many other coming soon.

I like the idea of customized cake, actually their business model fits what people are looking for in these days, it is about us, about ourselves, about me. Will be great to get on for my next birthday!

delicious and rememorable

Not only cheese tart is famous, Ringo and Zakuzaku are all delicious.

I might be getting in line for those tomorrow! (breaking my diet rules…)