Napa fire evacuee: ‘It’s time to say this…’ Trump isn’t tweeting about California wildfires

John Ehrenfeld, nature photographer, political activist and writer, was evacuated from his Napa home five days ago. He’s one of 100,000 people under mandatory evacuation in the devastating North Bay fires in California.

On Saturday, John posted this on his Facebook page:

“We are safe in a hotel for another night. Well, those who know me knew my silence on the politics involved here would not last long. If it bothers you, I understand, but it’s time to say this.

“I just watched a man describe how his wife died in his arms in Santa Rosa and a mother in tears recounting her son succumbing to the flames in their driveway while trying to escape. People have been burned alive. A woman who barely survived the carnage in Las Vegas lost her house. A woman in a wheelchair was waiting to die until a brave sheriff’s officer risked his life to save her. Rescuers are finding bodies burnt beyond recognition; other reduced to bones and ash. So far, 36 people [Update: 40 people] have lost their lives, 100,000 people have been evacuated trying their best to find shelter and almost 6,000 structures have been totally destroyed. People are enduring unimaginable circumstances. Also, there is no telling how many pets and wildlife didn’t make it. No one can really imagine what this hell is like.

“Not that I really care what he says or does, but Trump has not tweeted one word, made a speech, or shown any compassion at all to the victims of the California wildfires. Nothing. Zero. Worthless liberal heathens that we are and not as deserving as the dead red states of Texas and Florida. Are the dead in California less dead? Are their destroyed homes homes not a big deal? Are 100,000 refugees just a statistic? Others do care what the president says and his silence is deafening. If nothing else, the incredibly courageous and selfless firefighters, police, pilots, doctors, nurses and other civil servants deserve thanks and acknowledgment.

“Finally, anyone who respects the educated professionals whose lives have been devoted to studying the earth and its climate, understands that the warming earth and oceans increases the severity of nature’s worst tragedies. Like fires, hurricanes and tornadoes as any American could see with their own eyes this year. Warm waters, torrential rains, overgrown brush, excessive heat, severe droughts and hurricane force winds are all a result. This is going to happen again and again as the Trump administration and their GOP and corporate enablers continue to dismantle all efforts aimed at slowing or reversing climate change. This is the new reality.”