Christmas Challenge

This year was special for me, as I start writing on different websites and blogs (and I’m proud of this), overcame my fear of heights and found a new hobby — Postcrossing! :)

However, I’m still an avid book lover (sometimes I hide myself in the room with a book and a cup of tea and nobody can reach me for a whole day!). The same thing with internet surfing. So, surfing different websites, I discovered a perfect Christmas Quiz to enter.

It is lovely infographic, prepared by folks from Unplag plagiarism checker team. As for me, it’s a great riddle to solve — in one picture there are 10 different Christmas stories covered. You could also try to guess as many stories as you can for one time. At the end of infographic there are answers with list of all stories, so better not to cheat :)

And wish all of you a Merry Christmas!

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