ReLearning how to code

In campus, I decided I wanted to do Computer Science. In my mind, I was thinking of all the exciting things one gets to learn that involve computers. I was thinking I was going to be the best person for the job( any computer related task, you name it). But that was never to be. I had not so very good teachers that made my interest in computers disappear. They made it look so difficult that a girl like me had to find an alternative, like may be, venturing into fashion or something else as easy.

For a while, in first year and second year, I tried the coding bit. I did try. Unfortunately, I think I did not try enough. By the time I was in fourth year, I had given up on coding and I was willing to do any other thing, as long as it did not coding. So i decided to try Databases, a little bit of Networks, but they all seemed not to be interesting too.

So a few weeks ago, I decided, you know what, I should try my hand at coding again. I wanna give it my all this time and see how far I can go. So I applied for the Andela Fellowship. Amazingly, I passed the initial interviews and now I am at the Boot-camp trying to get in as hard as I can. And in this space, I will tell you how it is so far ;)

The Boot-camp:
When I received a call informing me that I had been selected for the camp, I was over the moon with excitement. I even danced for my sister with jubilation. My idea of a boot-camp was having fun, running around, making friends and just a little bit of work. But that was not to be at Andela. Here, it is mostly work with very little play, and that makes Nancy a geeky girl. I have made new friends as is my norm. I have reconnected with old ones. And I am trying very hard not to be negative about coding because it isn’t easy.

Day one was very exciting and challenging. Most of the times I was left behind wondering what has just happened, wondering why was that line written like that and thinking these people here are too good at this. The other few times, I think I had my shit together and I had hacked the basics. Those few times I felt like a genius, especially when I knew the answer to a question being asked. The good thing about this camp is that Google is my best friend. In every step of the way, he has been there. Thank you Google.

The most important thing about Andela that I am realizing is that one has to make their own choices and they have to push themselves through it all, otherwise you get left behind. Time is a crucial commodity here and managing it is one of the needed skills.

I think I should let you in on a secret. The main reason I applied for the fellowship is because I needed to prove to myself that I can do it. That I can be good at something other than fashion and the easy stuff. I needed to let myself know that everything is possible if I am ready to give it a shot. So far, so good, things are working out(a smile).

Finally when I had written my two pieces of code, oh boy, it felt like Heaven. I think now I am ready to take over the world.(hahaha!)

Let us wait for Day two, three, four and five and see what happens.

Au Revoir!

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