How to efficiently train a dog

5 Principles of Dog Training

With all of my dog training clients, I go over 5 basic principles of dog training. I first heard these from Mike Ritland, the man responsible for getting the Navy SEAL/S to begin using military working dogs (MWDs.)

  1. Be Confident & Carry Yourself Like A Leader
  2. Reward Behavior You Want
  3. Correct or Extinguish Behavior You Don’t Want
  4. Be Consistent
  5. Keep Emotion Out Of It

Reward Behavior You Want

Positive Reinforcement is not reward. Positive reinforcement means I am adding a new stimulus, such as giving the dog a treat (positive reward) or I am applying a correction such as saying sternly “No!” (positive punishment.)

Correct Behavior You Don’t Want

As I mentioned earlier, some people believe correction has no place in dog training. However I do not believe reward alone is reliable enough to teach all dogs everything they need. By forgoing even mild correction, you may actually put your dog at risk.



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