We are “Those poor people…” now

You know the ones.

In countries where rights are restricted.

In countries where minorities are unjustly persecuted and incarcerated at much higher rates than the majority.

In countries where there is “civil unrest.” Three million people protesting the day after the inauguration in the Women’s March and all the nationwide protests against the immigration ban qualifies for ‘civil unrest’ in my book.

It used to be something we saw on television in countries halfway across the globe. It used to be a place where a dictator had free reign and there were no checks and balances. It used to be somewhere else voting had to be monitored to ensure a fair election. Not here. Not us.

But it is us.

Other than those with their heads in the sand–and I know too many doing just that–we all know what’s going on in the United States. Our rights are being abridged. All our rights. To free speech. To freedom of assembly. To not be discriminated against. To freedom of religion (non-Christian religion, that is). To freedom of having our State separate from our Churches.

And that’s not even talking about the legal, non-constitutional rights in the form of established laws that we’ve enjoyed for decades. How about the move just Wednesday to abolish the Environmental Protection Agency? Abolish. Did you know Congressman Matt Gaetz put up a bill to do just that? In all the madness of our current politics, you might have missed it. You know who doesn’t have a strong EPA? One that can’t stand up to its government? China. Have you seen the air that the Chinese have to “breathe” these days? They can’t even see well enough to land airplanes some days. In case you haven’t heard about it, go here and check it out. It’s really bad.

That’s going to be us soon if President Trump continues on this course of wanton destruction. He’s trying to get rid of all the laws and agencies that don’t suit his purpose. That don’t enrich him and his “friends.” (Don’t get fussy at me, he still hasn’t released his taxes like he said he would after he won) Like the Dodd-Frank Act that is supposed to keep us from getting into another housing/banking crisis. That’s being scrapped now. Oh, you missed that too? Go here and check it out. It’s like the bankers and Wall St. don’t remember what happened… though that could be because they were never really punished the first time around. Fines? Please. They’re bigger today than they ever were. Oh, and did you know brokers don’t have to act in their clients’ best interest? They don’t. There was a new rule that Obama put into place recently to make them do so and Trump’s going to nix that, too.

Twenty-two executive orders in the first fourteen days. Seriously. Let that sink in. And in case you missed some of them (I did before starting this) go here for a brief rundown of them all.

He’s not a dictator. Yet. But the writing is on the walls in big bold letters. We are now “those poor people” to the rest of the world and have been since President Trump took office.